Run for your life…


May 14, 2011 by Kim

A few weeks ago, I signed up the older 2 boys for a 1 mile “Mayorthon” at out local Veteran’s Home.

Well, to be completely honest, I signed Daniel up.

Daniel’s a skinny little thing… running’s not an issue for him.

As I was informing Daniel of the run, Anthony’s ears perked up and it was declared that he, too, would like to be in the race.

I stared at him warily for a moment.

Anthony is my football player… he’s build like a rock.  A somewhat flabby rock during the off-season.

and we are smack dab in the middle of “off-season” right now…

for Anthony, running can be an issue.

But, who am I to say no…

So this morning we head up to the Veteran’s home…. Dickie was slightly agitated and kept mumbling…

 “Me run faster than everyone, me run fast, me beat all people all time”

…in due time Dickie… in due time.

Luckily, as the race was beginning, Dickie was distracted by a roly-poly that was hanging out by the display tank.

He quickly scooped it up and declared it to be his.  He babbled  non-stop about how we were going to take the “poly-poly” home and  how the poly-poly was going to live in his room.  He named it Max.   He names everything Max.  Max is one of Hub’s friends…. obsessed much Dickie?  lol

So, as the older boys were running, Dickie was nicely occupied and completely forgot about how fast he was.

and then…. about 3 minutes later, I got an exhausting glimpse of my distant future as a grandma.

Dickie grew tired of having to care for Max the Poly-Poly and brought him over to me.

“Momma, put Poly-Poly in you pocket.”

I told Dickie that there was NO way I was putting his roly-poly in my pocket… He quickly dumped Max the Poly-Poly into my hand

“You watch me Poly-Poly.  You no let him get away”

I played with the idea of placing Max into my purse, but wisely decided not to…

Every 2 minutes Dickie would return to me…

“Me see me Poly-Poly, Mom?”

and I would have to show him….

Luckily the run was over before I knew it and my 2 tired boys returned to me..

As quickly as you can say “Poly-Poly” I had released my baby-sitting duties over to Daniel..

and within the next 2 minutes, Max had been lost.


Dickie, of course, was not too happy with our carelessness.




One thought on “Run for your life…

  1. The Hook says:

    Family life rules, right?

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