Freaky Friday… brought to you by the use of BLOCK LETTERS!


May 13, 2011 by Kim

Friday the 13th totally hid my car keys from me this morning.

Not being able to quickly find their hiding spot resulted in 2 things…

1. A semi-mini-huge “where the funk are my keys” meltdown, completed with flailing limbs…

2. Dickie was late to school, which prompted me to have to get out of the car and walk him in.

There have been 2 instances in my time as a parent where I have been forced to walk a kid into school, against my will.

Both times I looked like the kind of people I make fun of *inside my head* at Wal-Mart

Today’s walk of shame attire?

A big yellow tank top that probably should have had another tank top underneath…

Workout pants

Flip Flops


and no trace of makeup (including the brows) to be seen


Once I got home, I realized that Daniel had written me a note before he had left for school that morning


*There was a 7BT PLUS cymbol in my backpack when I opened it to make sure everything was in it im on my way to school a 6:43 Bye love you*


7BT PLUS cymbol?


AND the “PLUS” was written in block letters?

What the heck is a 7BT PLUS cymbol?  and why is my 12-year-old discovering there is one in his backpack at 6:43AM????

What does this mean?

Is this code for something?  Why the block letters?

This is maddening!!!

Of course, at one point, I turned to my old pal “Google Images” for assistance

So, thanks to Google Images, I’ve narrowed it down to 3 items that may or may not have appeared in my son’s backpack overnight

-a plus sized wedding dress

-a guitar

-a T-Shirt reading “DANGER Educated Black Man”

Feel free to lock in your vote……. now


5 thoughts on “Freaky Friday… brought to you by the use of BLOCK LETTERS!

  1. Krystal says:

    LMAO I actually bursted into laughing at this. My vote is for #3.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I also pick #3! lol

  3. If it’s not #3, I have lost all faith in your values as a parent.

  4. Kim says:

    omg… it was a cymbal. Like, a REAL cymbal… and he has no idea how it got in there. It has since been returned to his music appreciation teacher… wtf

  5. The Hook says:

    Hilarious! Another great post.

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