Like Daughter, Like Mother…


May 6, 2011 by Kim

…and one quiet afternoon the winds will shift and the student will become the teacher.

Today I taught my mother a little about life.

You have to realize, I am an only child… always have been, always will be

My mother only knows the troubles of raising 1 kid

which, in turn, means that she only knows the tricks of raising 1 also.

The afternoon started out quite uneventful…

I coerced her into going with me to the DMV to get my Texas drivers license and registration switched over

….2 years after the fact *oops*

That place is usually comparable to the 7th layer of hell and we prepared for the worse.

We were pleasantly surprised that there wasn’t a sprawling line exploding from the door.

We were even more pleasantly surprised to discover there were only THREE people in line when we stepped inside!

We fretted a bit, while waiting in line.

Vivid memories of our last DMV visit together, in Texas, complete with me throwing a full-scale temper tantrum in the parking lot and repeatedly kicking the door of my car , floating through our minds.

Paperwork had been forgotten, that day, it all went downhill after that.

I had already pinky-swore, this day, that I would not let the evilness that is the DMV get to me.

The process went a lot smoother than I had expected and within the hour we were out of there…

Unheard of.

So, to reward me for controlling my temper (I had forgotten some paperwork, again) Momma took me to Del Taco.

We sat and ate and we talked more than we probably have in months…

We returned to my house and soon my 3 boys were home.

Being boys.

At one point we had convinced them to go play outside and as we discussed life… and the past.. and the future.

Our attention slowly began to drift over to the red velvet cake that she had won in a raffle, earlier that day.

I glanced around and whispered “hey… you wanna eat some cake”

she quickly looked out the nearest window and nodded a silent yes.

we rushed to the cake box in anticipation….

she started naming off the people that she had given pieces to as I opened the box…

wtf cake?

We both gasped… a plan was quickly formed and we placed the top layer back onto the bottom layer, using 2 forks.

2 slices were cut and we sat bsck at the table to continue our conversation….

15 seconds later, we heard the back door creaking open and heard Dickie rambling in Dickie language…


“Hide the cake” I frantically whispered as I threw one of Dickie’s homework packets over my plate…

She caught on quickly and opened a magazine around her plate and pretended to read…

Dickie lost interest in our adult activity and returned to the great outdoors…

As we heard the door shut behind him we removed our cake from their hiding places and laughed…

Couldn’t laugh long though as we heard the door open again…

Once more the cakes were plunged into darkness, out of the sight of any suger-feening children’s eyes

This happened 3 times, with each separate child… but the cake was never detected.

and we got to finish our slices in peace.

Today my mother learned a valuable lesson that I suspect was never a necessity as the parent of a “lonely only”

The art of hiding your damned food from the offspring.

She took to it like a pro…and  I have never been more proud!





4 thoughts on “Like Daughter, Like Mother…

  1. This is awesome, and you are brilliant! I’m never that slick.

  2. This made me smile as I read it. I don’t have children yet, but I vividly recall my childhood (and my own temper tantrums at the DMV). I myself come from a family of three children and food didn’t last more 7 seconds once detected (we had secret signals you know, to inform each other of when delicious sugar treats were brought into the house.) Keep up the craftiness!

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