Monday, You Were Never a Friend to Me…


May 2, 2011 by Kim

Today was Monday… with a vengeance

It started with a 45 minute wait to get on base…

Due to the demise of bin Laden the gates were performing 100% ID checks and vehicle searches…

*almost there*

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful that they are putting so much effort towards our safety and will gladly wait an hour, outside the gate, everyday this week.

Nest week might be pushing it though.

What amazed me was that about 15 vehicles, that were quite a bit farther up than I was, whipped around and angrily sped in the direction of the other gate.

Ummm… I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that they haven’t watched the news since the story broke covering bin Laden’s death.

But, seriously how do you miss that…

Word from the Hubs was that the line at the main gate was WAY longer…. kind of made me chuckle a bit to myself.

I mean, shoot…. it enabled me to move up a good 15 car lengths.

So moving on…. random daily stupidities ensued…

Somewhere during the mid-afternoon all mathematical ability fled my body and I was left tearful banging on my calculator.

…loud enough for my totheleft-cube-buddy to ask if I was alright…. and then laugh at me during my moment of weakness.

So 4 o’clock manages to swing our way and I gleefully head home.

After preparing a gourmet dinner consisting of hot dogs and tater tots…

*yes the damned tots again*

everything seemed calm.

I got to watch the Bad Girls Club reunion with Perez Hilton and his ridiculous little outfit.

Secret Life of the American Teenager, or whatever the hell that long ass title is… was safety recorded for later viewing

The kids went to bed with not a hassle at all.

Shower time…

a random weird thing about me is that while I love being clean…. I absolutely HATE taking showers.

I think it’s mainly the time involved… I could be doing something else…. anything else.

Hate them

I probably should have never bought this little cheat…

yeah… dry shampoo…. bad idea! lol

Oh!  and see that little rag-tag hairbrush off to the left…

I can’t find my wide-tooth comb, that POS has been missing for about 2 days now… so that crappy brush is IT!!!


  I actually decided to just brush my hair with my fingers tonight… didn’t even want to touch my head with that brush!

SoO…. after all this I walk out into the dining room to the distinct…. familiar scent of poop

lots of poop.

Thanks dog.


3 thoughts on “Monday, You Were Never a Friend to Me…

  1. Have you tried spraying the dog poop with the dry shampoo?

  2. The Hook says:

    Down with Mondays!

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