Deodorant is our friend…


May 1, 2011 by Kim

Daniel is spiraling quickly toward age 13

The “pre-teen” years are… if nothing else…. interesting.

Daniel was diagnosed in 1st grade with ADHD, while we attempt to “control” it with medication he still can be a HUGE scatter-brain

Hubs and I have been trying for the last year and a half to make sure he remembers to put on deodorant every day.

You’d think after all that time it would have become routine for him…. alas, not.

and the kid can seriously REEK on a good day. 

That smell… Oh my God, that smell…. 😦

It is horrid!




So, we continue our battle with Daniel’s hygiene.  I’ve gotten to the point where I will actually smell his little armpit to see if I can detect deodorant usage.

A couple of days ago  I had to do just that…  I asked him if he had remembered his deodorant that morning.  He stated that he had, but the lies fall so easily from his lips sometimes that I knew I was going to have to perform the “sniff test”

He walked over to me and raised a scrawny little arm up into the air.

I leaned in close to take a whiff and something in my peripheral vision caught my eye. I diverted my stare slightly to the left and focused on a few tufts of armpit hairs.  W.t.f   

WHEN did this happen?

I informed Daniel of his leap into manhood and his eyes positively lit up.

He strutted through the house for most of the rest of the day

and let his younger siblings know that he was now a “man”

I suddenly feel very… VERY old.





One thought on “Deodorant is our friend…

  1. The Hook says:

    The aging process rocks, doesn’t it?

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