The Reality of it All…


April 26, 2011 by Kim

Let’s make this a week of addictions…

yesterday I spoke of the 99 Cent Store.

Today I shall come forward with my love of  junky reality TV.

Hubs absolutely hates my choice of programming.

Hates. It.

and I’ll admit… my DVR is full of Jersey Shore, Real World, Teen Mom and such…

I can name, point out and have very distinct opinions about all of the Bad Girls from each season

I await the reunion shows as though they are the birth of my very own children.

I have actually found myself physically shaking in anger as I watch some of the going ons…

and I know it’s wrong…deep down.

When hubs walks into the room, where I am partaking of my trash TV, I feel a little tinge of shame

at times I’ll even silently hand him the remote and walk away.

I have been filled with white-hot rage upon realizing that someone in the house has stopped a recording early…

I have put grocery shopping off until the next day due to a “marathon”

I don’t know what it is about that damned reality television.

My favorite moments, however, are when Hubs will be walking through the room and get transfixed by something occurring on the screen.

He’ll slowly sit or lay down…. and start with the questions…

“Who’s that?”

“Is that her boyfriend?”

“What are they so mad about?”

“Are they together?”

“What happened?”

But he is stronger than me when it comes to these shows… he can break the spell that these reality shows cast…

and he’ll walk away mumbling how “stupid the crap I watch is”

and I’ll smile a little on the inside…. because for a few precious moments…

he got it.







3 thoughts on “The Reality of it All…

  1. Kimberly Merkel says:


  2. I’ve tried to give reality TV a fair chance. My wife likes it, but I find the false drama agitates me so much that I can’t sleep afterwards. I already try and avoid difficult people in real life, why watch difficult people on TV?

  3. The Hook says:

    Tv watching with a partner is a nerver-ending tug of war.

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