The Iron Anniversary…


April 22, 2011 by Kim

Well… I’m officially on day 3 of Pain-apalooza 2011

What better way to spend my 6th wedding anniversary.

I took today off work, for a multitude of reasons…

…the Boss is back… so, I’m no longer “The Man”

…previously mentioned 6th wedding anniversary

…the boys have the day off school

…I love me some 3 day weekends

I have done nothing at all today that resembles any kind of productivity, other than hand Hubs a twenty to go buy some tacos for the kids.

I have, quite literally, eaten… checked Facebook… looked at my measly 2 views for today on WordPress… laid on a heating pad watching my DVR recordings… and took a nap.

I am starting to feel a little more “with it” as the day creeps by…

I’ve been low-key stalking some Costco chocolate chunk muffins that are hanging out in my kitchen…

Oh!  Don’t get me wrong… I’ve had my time with these chocolate-y pieces o’ heaven, once or twice…

…or more

But I’m REALLY trying to be “good” this weekend.

and my brain, which appears to NOT have left me for the weekend just yet, is say NO!

…but the tummy and taste buds are all… Do you, Kim!  You want the muffin, shit… WE want the muffin…. Just eat one, never mind they’re the size of your head and you’re going to feel like a chocolate stuffed loser afterwards.  Do ittttt!  Do it NOW!

and then there’s that little tiny voice… they one that only comes out for special occasion and can usually sway any kind of good judgement that I have in mind.

The little voice reminding me that it’s my anniversary, therefore I DESERVE a chocolate muffin.

and that voice is a bitch… I can reason with the other ones… ignore them if need be.

But the little voice is like 5-year-old me…

The one that still believes that birthday, anniversaries and holidays are magical

and anticipated….

and should never feel  like “just another day”

and that voice truly seems to truly believe that any calories consumed on a “special” day are deemed null and void.

and who wants to disappoint 5-year-old me?


One thought on “The Iron Anniversary…

  1. The little voice is coming from me: eat that chocolate muffin.

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