Tales of the cube…


April 19, 2011 by Kim

Let me tell you a quick story about my place of employment…

I am housed in a cubicle… for 9-10-11 hours a day…

It’s a somewhat smallish cube… tastefully decorated in the oh-so-popular  paperwork explosion motif.

Some days worse than others.

I’m about 5’8 and my beloved cube walls reach up to my forehead…. if I stand on my tiptoes I can easily see over the walls.  If I’m wearing heels I can see for miles and miles…

I have a cubey neighbor… and hooooo boy, is he freak show tall.  There is no tiptoes needed in his neck of the woods.  I refer to him, at times, as the floating head.  There will be days that I am diligently working…. or browsing Facebook,  and I’ll see a shadow pass over my computer monitor….

I’ll glance to the left  and there’s the “Floating Head” working its way down the hall… over the cube walls.

Nothing but neck… and head.

Floating by.

…hence the “Floating Head”

I wonder if it’s lonely being the only “Floating Head” around…

I see many foreheads pass by… some bangs… sometimes nothing at all, just the click clack of heels.

but there’s only one “Floating Head”





One thought on “Tales of the cube…

  1. oldancestor says:

    I’ve got a floating head in my office, which probably does not differ appreciably from yours.

    He’s a buddy of mine, and a swell guy, but he’s pushing 6’8″. He can’t hide. He can’t sneak by. He can’t not look into cubicles.

    I wish these tall guys would develop a bounce in their step, don’t you. Then we could call them bobbing heads instead of floating heads.

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