Some random weird crap…


April 14, 2011 by Kim

I think most of us have random “what the heck” moments from our childhood that we will never forget.

I wonder how much these oddities shape the person we become.

I’d like to think that I’m a fairly “normal” person

but there are just some blazingly ODD things from childhood, that I remember

and I feel like sharing…

In Utah, during my early elementary years, I remember sneaking out of my babysitter’s house, into her backyard, and eating an ENTIRE economy sized tub of creamy peanut butter.  It definantly took a while before I could stomach p.b. again…   They were a big Mormon family who bought everything in bulk… I also recall massacring an entire bag of oranges in their basement once and downing a whole box of powdered sugar right in front of them during movie night.     Issues.

Before I started kindergarten I had not one but TWO imaginary friends ( I’m totally an only child)… Hippy and Hooper. They got me into a LOT of trouble once when they coerced me into laying out all my clothes, in complete outfits, all over my bedroom floor.   I don’t have any memories of them after that ordeal, they must have hit the road soon after.

I was “removed” from my Girl Scout troop… there are still about 3 different stories as to what actually happened.

I was the product of 1977 hippie love

* I was probably conceived in those damned woods they’re heading off into… damned hippies*

…but then I came along and straightened their hippie asses out

however 13 years later they got revenge in the form of this picture.  I believe it is referred to in some circles as “The Worst 7th Grade Picture of All Time”

They LET me go to school looking like that!!!!  They influenced that haircut which would grow out into a “lady-mullet”  They purchased that crazy retarded shirt…  and NOW my dad has THIS picture posted proudly in his Facebook Photo Album!!!!

Damned former hippies!

They’re a spiteful bunch!!!!

and yeah… I just totally realized that my imaginary friend was named HIPPY!!!!  wtf!




3 thoughts on “Some random weird crap…

  1. oldancestor says:

    Good lord, you should see my hair back then. I still have a burning hatred for my dear old Mum for sending me to school – on picture day! – looking like a dark brown feather duster had been glued to my head.

  2. Kimberly Merkel says:

    Awww Kim, that is not the worse 7th grade picture… I know you have seen mine!

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