Screw YOU low-carb diet! You’re ugly and yo momma dresses you funny!


April 13, 2011 by Kim

Tonight is NOT a good night to be my brain, taste buds OR stomach.

 Tiny bursts of goodness have just sprang forth from my oven.

The tiny burst of goodness that I so fondly refer to as…

the tater tot

I love me some tater tots…. always have.

I could probably eat the whole bag, happily and then still complain about being out of tater tots.

Of course I would only eat the whole bag AFTER they were thoroughly cooked, but I’m not going to sit here and pretend like I’ve never eaten a frozen tot before.  Maybe once or twice.

Like a little potato popsicle… minus the stick.

but, alas… I can not partake in the tots.

for they are… potato

and potato is carbs.


I never thought I’d be all “woe is me” over a plate of crispy tater tots.

I considered eating  just one.

But I know the power of the tot.. and the tot is strong, man.

Well, Dickie just came up to me with his backpack trying to convince me to run away with him, so I guess I better take off my “FML” slap bracelet and put on my momma hat….




2 thoughts on “Screw YOU low-carb diet! You’re ugly and yo momma dresses you funny!

  1. Low carb diets are so hard… I feel your pain

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